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Supa-Dupa Rental offers high quality equipment by Pioneer, Technics and Electro Voice products. Supa-Dupa offers DJ-gear for professionals and rookie DJ's for small sized parties up to a maximum of 600 persons.


DJ-equipment (see specs underneath)

Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus (per item) 50 euro

Pioneer CDJ900 Nexus (per item) 45 euro

Technics SL1210MK5 (per item) 30 euro

Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII 50 euro


Pioneer DJM800 mixer 50 euro

Pioneer DJM700 mixer 40 euro

Allen & Heath Xone92 50 euro



Soundsystem Small (till 75 persons) 100 euro

-2 active speakers (2x200 watt) by JB Sytems

-1 sub woofer (500 watt)


Soundsystem Medium (till 150 persons) 150 euro

-2 massive passive speakers (2x350 watt) by LEM

-1 sub woofer (500 watt)

-incl monitor speaker


Soundsystem Large (till 200 persons) 200 euro

-2 actieve topspeakers (2x350 watt) by Electro Voice

-2 actieve subspeakers (2x750 watt)

-incl monitor speaker


Soundsystem Extra Large (till 400 persons) 350 euro

Combined set 4000 watt

Including loudspeakermanagement & monitors


Soundsystem XXL (till 600 persons) 500 euro

Combined set 5000 watt

Including loudspeakermanagement & monitors


Extra monitorspeakers 50 euro


Deco & Stage

DJ Booth normal (for 2 cd-players & mixer) 50 euro

DJ Booth Large (for 2 cd-players, 2 turntables & mixer) 75 euro

Stage Parts (600x300cm) 100 euro

Disco Dance Floor (300x400cm) 500 euro


Decorative lights

Small one colours spots (for indoors and outdoors) 5 euro

LED multi colours floodlights (for indoors and outdoors) 5 euro

LED spots (DMX) 5 euro


Light Effects (scanners)

Showtec 30820 (multi symbol effect) 25 euro

2 x Sun Strip Lightbars RGB12 (DMX)) 25 euro

JB Systems Cyclope DMX 25 euro

Ayra Alo 019 DMX 25 euro

TDC008 4-voudig DMX LED1 25 euro

American DJ Spectrum LED (DMX) 25 euro

Moonflower (DMX) 25 euro

Showtec 30820 (multi symbol effect) 25 euro


Special effects

Smokemachine Martin Magnum 550 (no DMX) 30 euro

Disco bol with motor (30 cm) 20 euro

Discolbol with motor (50 cm) 30 euro

Disco Ball Large (80 cm ball with motor) 100 euro

Black light UV effect (large) 20 euro

Laser beams 50 euro


Backline Engineering

RCF L-pad24USB (24 channel sound mixer) 70 euro

Behringer Xenix X1832USB (14 channel sound mixer) 50 euro

Snake Large (30 meter cable, 24 XLR in, 8 XLR out) 50 euro

Snake Small (7 meter cable, 8 XLR in, 0 XLR out) 10 euro

Monitor speaker (2x200 watt) 50 euro

Sound booth (working station for sound engineers) 50 euro



Shure SM58 (singer/speech, 1 item available) 7 euro

Shure PG48 (singer/speech) 5 euro

Sennheiser E825s (singer/speech) 5 euro

Shure SV200 (dynamic all round microphone) 5 euro

DAP DM20 (dynamic instrument microphone) 5 euro

DAP PL07 (dynamic instrument microphone) 5 euro

AKG P4 (perception percussion microphone) 5 euro

Microphone stand 5 euro



DI Jack/XLR 14 euro

DI Jack 14 euro

Phantom Power 14 euro


Speeches and presentations

Speaker set for speeches 100 euro

Handheld microphone set (4 mics, stands and sound mixer) 60 euro

Wireless microphone set (2 mics, 1 clip-on, stands and mixer) 100 euro

Extra handheld microphone 5 euro

Extra wireless handheld microphone 25 euro

Extra wireless clip-on microphone 25 euro

Extra wireless one-ear headset 25 euro

Extra wireless receiver 25 euro


Beamer (including soundconnection) 40 euro

Mobile projection screen (133cmx100cm) 20 euro

Projection table 10 euro


Additonal cables

Multiple socket small (3 units) 5 euro

Multiple socket small (7 units) 7 euro

Multiple socket outdoor (2 units) 10 euro


Power Cable 5 meter 3 euro

Power Cable 10 meter 5 euro

Power Cable 15 meter 5 euro

Power Cable 20 meter 8 euro



Transportation (for rentals above 100 euros) 75 euro

Transportation during weekend and evening 100 euro


Installation (for rentals above 200 euro 25 euro

Installation during weekend and evening 50 euro


For destinations outside Amsterdam there is an additional 25 euro per half hour driving


All prices are for one day rental 

All prices are ex VAT 21% (in Dutch BTW)



All equipment have cables included



The client is in all cases responsible for all equipment rented. Damage, theft or missing equipment will be charged at full costs.


A deposit is mandatory. We would like to receive a copy of a valid ID and a confirmation of an address in advance.




Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus player

-CD, USB, SD-cards and PC (Rekordbox)

-Sync and link with other player

-Display with wave-files using Pioneer Rekordbox

-4,8 and 16bar loop


Pioneer CDJ900 Nexus player

-CD, USB and PC (Rekordbox)

-Sync and link with other player

-Display with wave-files using Pioneer Rekordbox

-4bar loop


Pioneer CDJ1000MK3

-CD, USB and PC (Rekordbox)

-No link with other player

-No display with wave-files using Pioneer Rekordbox




Call 06-17704276 or mail for more info


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