All prices are for one day rental 

All prices are ex VAT 21% (in Dutch BTW)


Supa-Dupa Rental is based in Amsterdam and offers high quality equipment by Pioneer, Technics, Electro Voice, Shure, AKG and many other high quality brands. Supa-Dupa offers gear and equipment and DJ's, musicians, professionals and rookie DJ's for small sized parties up to a maximum of 600 persons.


Transportation (for rentals above 100 euros) 75 euro

Transportation during weekend and evening 100 euro


Installation (for rentals between 150 and 300 euro 25 euro

Installation during weekend and evening 50 euro

Installation for specific projects (depending on project size) ?


For destinations outside Amsterdam there is an additional 25 euro per half hour driving



All equipment have cables included



The client is in all cases responsible for all equipment rented. Damage, theft or missing equipment will be charged at full costs.


A deposit is mandatory. We would like to receive a copy of a valid ID and a confirmation of an address in advance.


Huur pioneer

Huur pioneer amsterdam


cdj2000 huur

pioneer huren

cdj2000 nexus huur

cdj2000 nexus huur amsterdarm


geluid huren



gear huren

geluid verhuur



dj set

dj-set huren


geluid rental amsterdam

pioneer amsterdam

pioneer huren




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